The players we speak about

The first Idaho Premier Shooting Camp was held this past weekend. Along with the camp we ran a mini-camp for our Idaho Select players.

At the core of it all was teaching. I find the more that we run camps and teams, the more I find us using  examples of players to try and hammer home a few points. But, what if our players are too young to know who these guys are? Do kids still know who George Mikan, Julius Erving or even Michael Jordan are?

Steve Nash
Regarded as the best ball handler and passer in the NBA, we constantly refer to Nash when stressing the need to use both hands equality, keeping your head up to see the entire floor and even some on conditioning. He is a player that knows what it takes to make it at the next level, especially since he was such an underdog coming out of college.

Richard Hamilton
Hamilton is the perfect example of a guy that knows how to work an offense without the ball. We like to use him as an example because he never stops moving and, even though he isn’t the most athletic or vertical player in the NBA, he uses his knowledge of how to use off the ball screens and conditioning to be a prolific scorer. He takes after the mold of guys like Reggie Miller.

Ray Allen
Allen is a great example of a pure shooter. We talk about him a lot with our players because of his consistency. His shot is the same every time he shoots it, whether he is coming off a screen or simply spotting up.

Michael Jordan
The greatest player ever, he is the perfect example of how to create and score off the dribble. We teach the skills that he used to get past defenders or get space for an open shot.