In episode 9, we chat with Elpidia Allen, assistant women’s basketball coach at Northwest Nazarene University.

Coach Allen is a top recruiter and understands how to find a match between a player and a program. But what really separates her is her ability to communicate clearly with players before they ever step foot on campus. As she explains, this is why she can really coach them hard when they do join the program.

The Pivot also gets a chance to dig into recruiting specifics, including some of the recruiting red flags that she sees when evaluating a player.

Coach Allen has been at NNU for nearly 10 years, with a short stint at the high school level. The Nighthawks have won 20 or more games and qualified for the national tournament in each of the last three seasons.

You can follow Coach Allen on her Twitter account at @TheyCallMeEL

Elpidia Allen